Tuesday, May 15

tackle it tuesday

Ok. Today's list:

  • mail contract back to company for new WAHM job
  • work for 2 hours
  • reserve audiobook at library for Mister
  • prep grocery list / coupons
  • go to grocery store
  • go to liquor store to see if i can buy crates to store wine bottles
  • go to nursery to buy parsley and ground cover
  • organize Peanut's clothes to purge excess 0-6 month stuff
  • purge kitchen
  • purge hall closet
  • purge dining room
  • purge living room
  • purge office
  • purge linen closet
  • purge bedroom
  • bring all purged goodies to garage for yard sale this weekend
  • strip and make bed
  • shower
  • clean kitchen
  • maaaaybe organize the fabric (didn't do it from last week and Mister has started making jokes about the floor being padded in the office / sewing room due to all the stacks of fabric everywhere)
  • work on afghan during idol
  • watch american idol
  • vote a LOT (for JORDIN!)
  • feed and entertain Peanut

Update (1:30): Making lunch now. Made up a recipe. I might post it. I'm procrastinating. Big storms are coming through, so I may hold off on the errands. I have enough food to make dinner, breakfast and tomorrow's lunches, so I'm not in any rush to go to the store.