Tuesday, May 8

tackle it tuesday

Sheesh. Today's list is a little long, but hey...

  • make another ring sling to send out
  • package and mail the sling
  • go shopping for quite a long list
  • email somebody about something
  • shower (hey when you've got a little one, it has to go on the list, otherwise it won't happen!)
  • re-organize my fabric stash (I bought more)
  • clean out basement closet (we're having a garage sale soon)
  • work on editing video for my sister-in-law
Edited: We're teething today. Meltdown Mania. My normally perfect child (no joke, you think I'm kidding!) has had a very rough day. I don't know if I'll get out to run my errands...

Edited Again: Here's a picture of the latest ring sling that got sent out:

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