Tuesday, May 1

AI - top 6 - Bon Jovi style

What a fun night! I was only able to see the middle four contestants as I was finishing dinner during Phil and changing Peanut during Melinda... but here's some thoughts, anyway!

Phil - “Blaze of Glory” - Hmm. The recap looked really good. Wish I'd seen it. I voted for him anyway - 'cause I think he's been getting better and better lately...

Jordin - “Livin’ On A Prayer” - The Diana Ross look was kickin'. I thought she did better than the judges thought, but then again, I'm a Jordin fan. :o) I've had it in my head for the rest of the night, so it must have been pretty good!

LaKisha - “This Ain’t A Love Song” - Dude. Did she kiss Simon? Whoa. Points for that! I thought she was good - but I didn't think she was as great as the judges thought. But the audience loved it, so hey, I think she comes across in person better than on TV - I've thought that before with her.

Blake - “You Give Love A Bad Name” - Jaw drop. SO COOL. Glad he busted out the originality - he needed that to stay in the game. He's been so bland the last few weeks, so this was a fun surprise. Way cool. I voted a LOT for him tonight.

Chris - “Wanted: Dead or Alive” - Eh. Okay. Ever since Simon said he sings nasally, he's been really good about singing normally, which is better... but I don't think he'll make it much further.

Melinda - “Have A Nice Day” - Missed it. But really? I'm sure she was fabulous.

Who should go? - Chris. Probably LaKisha.

Best of the night? - Blake. Hard to say who was next 'cause I missed two! ARGH! Must have dinner ready before 7:00 next week.