Wednesday, April 18

AI - top seven

Phil - “Where The Blacktop Ends” - I really liked Phil from the beginning... and then over the last few weeks, I've forgotten why. But he was amazing tonight! In fact, he was the very first person to get my Blake-lovin-husband to cast a vote. Mister never watched Idol until this season, and has gotten totally into it. While he loves Blake, he thought that this performance by Phil needed a little support, to make sure he doesn't go home this week.

Jordin - “Broken Wing” - LOVE THIS GIRL. Simon's comment about how he could finally see her winning the season? I've been saying that from day one. She's fabulous. And this was an amazing performance.

Sanjaya - “Something To Talk About” - He strikes me every week as becoming more and more arrogant - he can do the exact oppposite of what the show is about, and still be protected by all the goofballs out there who like to mess with the system. The bandanna was a joke, the song was a joke, and his attitude when talking to the judges? Send the little boy back to highschool and fuggettabout him... his fifteen minutes are WAY UP.

LaKisha - “Jesus, Take The Wheel” - The beginning was a little dull. But then she started SINGING... and I got goosebumps. I do love her voice!

Chris - “Mayberry” - Never been a fan. Did think it was funny that he told Simon that the nasally voice was on purpose. :o) Did you catch Simon's eye roll after Chris said that bit about Virginia Tech? Mister and I figured that the producers saw it as well, and then made Simon say at the end of the show that he was also keeping them in his thoughts... BUSTED on national television!

Melinda - “Trouble Is A Woman” - Goooooodness. She's got it made - she'll get a contract for sure even if she doesn't win. She's awesome.

Blake - “When The Stars Go Blue” - This was a rough week for him. He had to sing country, and make it sound like country, and couldn't do his funky magic on it. We like Blake a LOT in our house... hoping that his straight-up Tim McGraw thing doesn't get him in trouble this week.

Bottom three? - Phil, Chris and Sanjaya - and Chris will go home, even though it is painfully obvious that the Annoying One should just leave.

Best of the night? - Jordin. As usual. (Although Phil gets props for his best performance yet...)

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