Monday, April 9

adjusting to life at home

so i don't know who's tired-er, peanut or i! she did so well this weekend - hours and hours in a carseat, being held by all sorts of people she didn't know, wearing ridiculously cute and fluffy dresses, the church on sunday morning being about 85 degrees, and sleeping in a place that smells and sounds so different from home!

when we came home, we moved her to a crib in her own room. ::sniff:: she'd been sleeping in a cosleeper next to my bed for months. she'd been in bed with me for the first six weeks, and while i love the idea of her in bed with me, the reality was that i wasn't sleeping. i was relying on two good naps a day to get me through, and that's just not practical. so we moved her to the cosleeper, but since she's been sleeping through the night for about a month now, it was time to move her into her own room. it was a little weird last night, with just Mister and I in our room. the cosleeper was between my bed and the wall, which allowed me about a foot and a half at the end of the bed to crawl out before the footboard. now i can get out wherever i want, and don't have to think about it! i got pregnant just a couple of weeks after we were married, so since we didn't live together before the wedding (unusual, i know, but it was wonderful), there had been three of us in the bedroom almost the entire time we'd been married. while she might not have taken up a lot of room at the beginning, all my pregnancy pillows and midnight bathroom runs definitely kept us aware that she was there!

she's in the crib right now, sleeping. she rolls over so much easier there - i heard her cracking up after her first afternoon nap, and i go in to find her on her back, laughing at the fact that she wasn't on her tummy anymore. (i know, i know, she's supposed to sleep on her back, but she sleeps so much better on her stomach. we're careful about what is in the crib with her, etc...)

so i went to the grocery store today. it's amazing that this can be an ENTIRE DAY's worth of activity. i took my post-vacation nap this morning, then got ready and sorted through coupons and sale ads. by the time i was ready to leave, she had fallen asleep again. clean the kitchen and place an amazon order while she sleeps, and as soon as she's awake and fed and changed, we were out the door. i had her in a sling at the store, which made it easier, but by the time i got to the checkout lane, we were both starting to get tired. only problem - this store has you bag your own! no fear, a nice checkout lady came to my aid and unloaded my cart for me and bagged all my groceries.... how sweet of her! but by the time i came home, fed Peanut, put her to nap again, unloaded the groceries, put them all away, made myself a cup of decaf and sat down at the computer, it's 5:00 and the Mister will be home in an hour. yowsers. and i didn't even touch the vacation-laundry...

guess you all know what i'll be doing tomorrow! crochet night tonight - the afghan is coming along, it's just beautiful!