Wednesday, March 7

WFMW: tip and recipe

I just spent a good hour reading through all of this week's kitchen themed tips on WFMW. The whole time, I have in the back of my head "hey you, you have a blog now. Got a kitchen tip?" I had originally thought I'd post my grocery list tip, but it's pretty darn similar (although with a twist) to Shannon's and lots of other peoples. Then I thought I'd post how I use tupperwares and great waterproof labels I got from (I couldn't find their kitchen set of labels on their site anymore, but you could just use the blank ones) to organize my very tiny pantry cabinet so I could see everything at once...

And then I went to go make a sandwich and realized I have a great tip for making your sandwiches lower in calories... I love mayonnaise. Love it with anything. We have a sandwich chain in town that slathers mayo all over their sandwiches, which is why I go there. That's sad now that I see it in print. But mayo's not all that low in calories. So now I use this: Grey Poupon's Mild and Creamy mustard. It gives the creaminess of mayo with the zip of mustard. With the added flavor, you don't notice that you're not using as much. And the best part? ZERO CALORIES. That's right. You can use as much as you want. :)

Here's an extra recipe for you. I know it's Brussels Sprouts and you may not like them. Or your kids might not like them. But all veggies are better roasted, and you add bacon? These are to die for!



2 slices bacon

1 clove garlic

1 lb brussels sprouts

1 tablespoon olive oil




Preheat oven to 450. Trim brussels sprouts. Quarter the larger ones, halve the smaller ones. Cut bacon into small pieces. In a 13x9 baking pan, toss all ingredients, making sure to keep all sprouts in a single layer. Roast in oven for 25 minutes, stirring halfway through, or until edges are browned and curling.