Tuesday, March 27

tackle it tuesday - wardrobe

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My first Tackle It Tuesday! (Sorry, but I refuse to use the acronym for this one! I may do WFMW and all that, but there won't be acronyms on Tuesdays!) I had referenced the other day that I was going to be going through all of my clothes and sorting them. The process started, and stalled when there were piles of clothes all over the bedroom. Not really a cozy environment. So today's plan is to scoop everything up, take it to the theater (we have an amazing theater room in our basement. That's what happens when you move into his house.), and sort it there. I can try things on without having to worry about windows being open, etc., and then I can go from there.

Update: It's bedtime on Tuesday, and I'm not done. Almost, but not quite. I'll finish tomorrow morning...

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