Monday, March 5

Party On!

The ULTIMATE PARTY Meme, courtesy of groovyoldlady!

Under what circumstances do you wear make-up? I wear concealer, lipgloss and mascara on any day when I actually brush my hair and change out of my pajamas before DH comes home. Maybe a touch of foundation on Sundays or for special occasions.

Living where? In a great medium-sized city in the Midwest. It's just small enough to be cozy and large enough that all the shopping I could want is right here. And restaurants. We have lots of great restaurants.

Tell us your biggest pet peeve. Hmm. People who expect your life to revolve around theirs...

Iced coffee or hot? Either one, depending on the weather. But I've been caffeine-free for about a year and a half now - I expected I'd get pregnant, I did and now I'm nursing, so I'm only a decaf girl.

May I look inside your closets and cupboards when I come to visit? Yeah, just be careful opening the cupboard next to the oven!

Are you a yeller or are you gentle and quiet? I'm not particularly gentle, unless I'm talking to Peanut, but I'm not a yeller either. I think I'm normal. :)

Tell us about your very bestest friend in the whole wide world: I'm going to be predictable here and say that would have to be Christ, with my DH as a close second.

Ever wish you could live in a different time era? Tell us when and why: I used to wish this - either live with Anne of Green Gables or with Emma, but heck, I like toilets.

People REALLY get under my skin when they________: Interrupt me to tell me I'm wrong.

Are you nervous speaking in front of people? No way! I thrive on it...

Right now, what book(s) are you reading? Just got back from the library, so there's a little stack on my nightstand. I think there's a couple Greg Iles there (he's great, but scary, so be warned...) and a couple Christian fictions.

Toilet paper: Should the free end come down the back or over the top? I'm a woman, so I think it goes over the top. Most men I've met don't see the difference.

Your favorite article of clothing. My "first-date" top that I wore when I met my DH for the first time. True, I don't quite fit in it as a result of my lovely nursing chest and my post-partum tummysag, but hey, it's hanging proudly in my closet in case I'm ever that size again!