Sunday, March 25

new crochet project

i've mentioned before that i am a member of a Monday Night Crochet Group. i usually crochet, but there's knitting, scrapbooking, crosstitching, etc., going on as well as crocheting... i'm excited, because tomorrow night, i'm going to begin this afghan as a project for a dear friend's wedding present. i have a tendency not to like patterns, as i make stuffed animals, clothing, afghans, etc., all without any direction. this will be an exercise in patience.

i'm all about stretching myself in crocheting - i can get in ruts where i'm only comfortable doing the familiar. this will be a very good opportunity to teach me some discipline in crocheting. freestyling, or designing as i go, has its place, but not everything needs to be done that way!

plus, this new afghan is a great excuse to buy new yarn!