Friday, November 6

ok, ok...

so i know that i NEVER post anymore... life's been wonderful here, but blogging just hasn't been a priority. i need to evaluate whether or not it'll be helpful for keeping in touch with people, but that will be a decision that i'll be making between now and when this baby decides to come out in late february / early march!

until then, go check out 5 minutes for mom. their giveaways are AMAZING. the first one of the christmas season made my jaw drop...

Friday, April 24

Mother's Day Already?

Mothers Day 2009

Go check out 5 Minutes for Mom. They are really the bomb.

Sunday, March 1


For those of you who, like us, have someone in your household who is dairy-free, CHECK OUT THIS GIVEAWAY! Pardon the caps, I'm just really excited about this. How have I not heard of these goodies before? I can tell you that if I win this, I'll be spreading the love among my local dairy-free friends (it's surprising how many of them I have!) Thank you to One Frugal Foodie and Erin Baker!

Monday, February 2

No Spend Challenge

For this lovely first week of February, I'm joining in the MomAdvice No Spend Challenge. I'm just doing it for a week right now - but I'm going all out and not spending a penny. No buying food for us - make it a pantry challenge week. No gas - I have a full tank and I'm not going anywhere... No clothes or just stuff either!

The only thing I am going to spend money on is special ingredients for a lunch I'm having on Wednesday. Peanut and I are going to be entertaining two moms and their assorted five children - one of which has more allergies than I can count on my two hands. Seriously. Poor little guy. So I think I will probably need to pick up some specialty ingredients, but I don't mind doing that at all!

Friday, January 30

announcement and a giveaway to go enter!

hey all.

i'm just about to unveil the new blog. it is pretty darn fabulous, if i dare say so myself.

but while you're waiting for that, go over to confessions of a yummy mummy and enter her AMAZING giveaway of organizational supplies! She calls it a super fab giveaway, and I'd have to agree! Halfway down the prize list, I was like "hey, this is a great giveaway!" and I hadn't even gotten to the big stuff yet!

Thursday, January 29

a contest for you

So whenever I enter blog's giveaways, I always skip the extra entries that come from blogging about the contests. I used to do that, but then found that my blog was turning into a couple thoughts from me and a lot of talking about other people's contests.

Actually, now that I think about it, I should just have a separate blog for those - and if you're into learning about new contests, you could follow that one. Huh. Good idea, me!

But - here's a contest that is making me break with my habit. Seriously want to win this one!!

A Daycare Life is hosting this diaper bag giveaway!

I'd never heard of Hoohobbers before - which is a good thing, as I would have spent too much money there!

Tuesday, January 27

blogging conundrum

i'm in the midst of a blogging debate with myself.

should i blog for the public?
should i blog for family and friends?

how much privacy should i have?

i've been toying around with a bunch of different options, so i have a lot of "inactive-ish" blogs while i figure out what level of privacy i want to have.

thanks for understanding.